Booking Engine

Paraty has successfully mixed ingenuity, technology and state-of-the-art computing applications to create our booking engine.

Our booking engine will be incorporated into your website, meaning everything you require to tailor your offer to client preferences is just a click away. This booking engine was created to perform convenient commercial management.

Focussed on sales

We offer you the technology necesaria para poder increase sales on your website. Our booking engine is continuously developing and incorporating improvements.

Adapted to your needs

Our booking engine is designed to your particular specifications. Our technology enables the speedy development of the additional functions our clients require.

Keeping control

Produce a multitude of statistics and reports so you are in control of what’s happening at all times. That way, you can optimise your sales process.

Main Features

Everything you were looking for in a modern booking engine
Multilingual:Communicate with your clients in their language, enjoy unlimited visits to your webpage and access international markets.
Multi-currency: Facilitate client bookings and offer them the option of reserving using their own currency.
Rooms: Create the rooms you need, limit free, and control the occupancy and the number of adults, children and babies. Promotions, offers and packages: Option of offering all kinds of discounts: Early Booking, Last Minute, 7x6, 3x2, free services, upgrade, etc.
Multi-rate: Option of creating multiple rates per person or per room. Supplements: Engine optimised for upselling. Make the most of online sales by offering complimentary services such as a spa circuit, parking, transfers, room service, etc.
Availability: The booking engine offers great flexibility regarding the management of capacity, release, minimum stay, closure of sales, etc.
Booking management and data analysis: Client database. Check clients by date or booking reference, booking summary, etc. We send email alerts regarding availability so you’ll never miss out on a sale.
Promo-codes: Create all the codes you need, limit free, and offer returning customers and corporate clients an exclusive deal with special products and advantages specifically for them.
Rates divided according to market: Ability to select rates according to the user’s location. You can enter national market rates and international market rates, and the engine will know which rates to apply to the search made, depending on the client’s location.
Smartphone Version

In the real world where smartphones and tablets play a central role, it is no longer enough to simply have a website accessible only by computer: it is essential to have versions adapted to the features and demands of these new devices.

Tailored to your needs

Different versions of the engine modified according to the client’s type of business, whether it’s an independent hotel, a chain with multiple establishments, a golf course, a campsite, etc.

Facebook button

Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world. Using this option, you have an open door to millions of users. Reach them and enable them to book at your hotel using Facebook. We will install a booking engine on your profile so users of this social network will be able to easily book at your establishment without having to access other websites.

Statistics and reports included

In addition to the information supplied by Google Analytics, you will have a bank of reports and statistics at your disposition, allowing you to focus your efforts on getting to know and improving those points that are most relevant to sales.